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Hello Abir,

You might wish to contact or work with the Hub, a citizen media site that uses real time video to highlight human rights issues. Gaza is prominent on their front page. http://hub.witness.org/ 


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Dear all,
I am part of a group of Lebanese, Palestinians and other activists (designers, architects, researchers, media people) who have worked together previously, mainly doing media and mapping work during the summer 2006 Israeli attack on Lebanon (I am attaching one of them for your information). We are also working at the moment, among others, on a daily updated map on what is happening in Gaza (and will send it through as soon as it is complete).
I am working with this group of activists on a platform that will facilitate the co-ordination between solidarity activities for Gaza, and was hoping that you could help me with some information on that if you have any. 
The idea is to:
(a) Demonstrate in a quick reference that a lot is happening in solidarity with Gaza and that a large group of people is supporting the people there, and 
(b) facilitate information sharing, or at least understanding key trends in the activism work taking place now to allow for coordination & synergy (and thus greater impact). 
My questions to you are:

1. Do you know of platforms/websites, etc.. that are facilitating such information sharing and co-ordination? These could be country or region specific (like protest.net for example), or maybe theme specific (like boycott activities, or Israel Arms trade work, etc..)

2. Do you know others who are active and well connected who could easily provide such information in your country (if so then please share their contact information or forward this email to them).

3. How do you usually publicize the activism you are working on (how do people usually know about it?).

4. What do you think would be useful for you to include?

Thank you. 


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