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HI: Much of my work has been on this topic, see 
below.  I have many of these article on pdf files 
if you'd like to see any.  I've attached one on 
immigration and medical anthropology for you.

Take care,

Leo Chavez

The Latino Threat: Constructing Immigrants, 
Citizens, and the Nation.  Stanford University Press, 2008.

           Academic Articles, Reports, and Book Chapters

(B7)       Chavez, Leo R.  "Doctors, Curanderos 
and Brujas: Health Care Delivery and Mexican 
Immigrants in San Diego," Medical Anthropology 
Quarterly, Vol. 15:31 37, 1984 (refereed).

  (B14)     Chavez, Leo R., Wayne A. Cornelius 
and O.W. Jones.  "Utilization of Health Services 
by Mexican Women in San Diego," Women and Health, 
Vol. 11, No. 2:3 20, 1986 (refereed).

  (B15)     Rumbaut, Ruben, Leo R. Chavez, Robert 
Moser, Sheila Pickwell and Sam Wishik.  "The 
Politics of Migrant Health Care: A Comparative 
Study of Mexican Immigrants and Indochinese 
Refugees," Research in the Sociology of Health 
Care, Vol. 7: 143 202,1988 (refereed).

  (B23)     Hubbell, F. Allan, Howard Waitzkin, 
Shiraz I. Mishra, John Dombrink, and Leo R. 
Chavez.  "Access to Medical Care for Undocumented 
Latinos in a Southern California County."  The 
Western Journal of Medicine 154(4):414 417, 1991 (refereed).

  (B26)     Chavez, Leo R., Estevan T. Flores, 
and Marta Lopez Garza.  "Undocumented Latin 
American Immigrants and U.S. Health Services:  An 
Approach to a Political Economy of 
Utilization."  Medical Anthropology Quarterly 6:6 26, 1992 (refereed).

  (B27)     Chavez, Leo R., and Victor M. 
Torres.  The Political Economy of Latino 
Health.  In, The Anthropology of Hispanic Groups 
in the United States, Tomas Weaver (ed.).  Houston: Arte Publico Press 1994.

  (B30)     Chavez, Leo R., F. Allan Hubbell, 
Juliet M. McMullin, Rebecca G. Martinez, and 
Shiraz I. Mishra.  "Understanding Knowledge and 
Attitudes About Breast Cancer: A Cultural 
Analysis."  Archives of Family Medicine 
4:145-152, 1995 (refereed).  [Reprinted 
“Compreendendo o Conhecimento e as Atitudes 
Relativas ao Cancer de Mama:  Uma Analise 
Cultural” in  JAMA/GO, an international journal 
of selected articles from the American Medical 
Association journals, Vol. 3:1714-1732, 1995.]

  (B31)     Chavez, Leo R., F. Allan Hubbell, 
Juliet M. McMullin, Rebecca G. Martinez, and 
Shiraz I. Mishra.  "Structure and Meaning in 
Models of Breast and Cervical Cancer Risk 
Factors:  A Comparison of Perceptions Among 
Latinas, Anglo Women, and Physicians." Medical 
Anthropology Quarterly 9(1):40-74, 1995 (refereed).

  (B33)     McMullin, Juliet M., Leo R. Chavez, 
and F. Allan Hubbell.  “Knowledge, Power and 
Experience:   Variation in Physicians’ 
Perceptions of Breast Cancer Risk 
Factors.”  Medical Anthropology 16:295-317, 1996 (refereed).

  (B38)     Rebecca G. Martinez, Leo R. Chavez, 
and F. Allan Hubbell.  “Purity and Passion:  Risk 
and Morality in Latina Immigrants' and 
Physicians' Beliefs About Cervical 
Cancer.”  Medical Anthropology 17:337-362, 1997 (refereed).

(B39)      Leo R. Chavez, F. Allan Hubbell, 
Shiraz I. Mishra, and R. Burciaga 
Valdez.  “Undocumented Latina Immigrants in 
Orange County, California:  A Comparative 
Analysis.”  International Migration Review  31(1):88-107, 1997 (refereed).

  (B43)     Leo R. Chavez, F. Allan Hubbell, 
Shiraz I. Mishra.  “Ethnography and Breast Cancer 
Control among Latinas and Anglo Women in Southern 
California.”  In Anthropology in Public Health: 
Bridging Differences in Culture and 
Society.  Robert A. Hahn (ed.).  Pp. 
117-141.  New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press.  1999.

  (B45)     Marc L. Berk, Claudia L. Schur, Leo 
R. Chavez, Martin Frankel.  “Health Care Use 
Among Undocumented Latino Immigrants:  Is free 
health care the main reason why Latinos come to 
the United States?  A unique look at the 
facts.”  Health Affairs 19(4):51-64.  2000 (refereed).

(B46)      Chavez, Leo R., Juliet M. McMullin, 
Shiraz I. Mishra, and F. Allan Hubbell.  “Beliefs 
Matter: Cultural Beliefs and the Use of 
Cervical-Cancer Screening Tests.”  American 
Anthropologist 103(4)1114-1129, 2001 (refereed).

  (B48)     Chavez, Leo R.  “Immigration and 
Medical Anthropology.”  In American Arrivals: 
Anthropology Engages the New Immigration.  Nancy 
Foner, editor.  Pp. 197-227.  Santa Fe: School of 
American Research, Advanced Seminar Series.  (refereed) 2003.

  (B50)     Chavez, Leo R. “A Glass Half Empty: 
Latina Reproduction and Public Discourse.”  Human 
Organization  63(2):173-188, 2004 (refereed).

(B53)      McMullin, Juliet M., Israel De Alba, 
Leo R. Chavez, F.Allan Hubbell, “Influence of 
Beliefs about Cervical Cancer Etiology on Pap 
Smear Use among Latina Immigrants.  Ethnicity and 
Health 10 (1):3-18, 2005 (refereed).

  (B56)     Chavez, Leo R., “Imagining the 
Nation, Imagining Donor Recipients: Jesica 
Santillan and the Public Discourse of 
Belonging.”  In, A Death Retold:  Jesica 
Santillan, The Bungled Transplant, and Paradoxes 
of Medical Citizenship.  Keith Wailoo, Julie 
Livingston, and Peter Guarnaccia, editors.  Pp. 
276-296.  Chapel Hill:  University of North Carolina Press, 2006  (reviewed).

At 11:36 AM 1/6/2009, Konane Martinez wrote:
>Happy New Year to all,
>I'm developing a course on Immigration and 
>Health and would like to put a syllabus together 
>that is comparative, including many different 
>immigration cases.  (Morrocco-Spain, Germany, 
>India etc.) I'm appealing to your expertise for 
>recommendations on readings and references.  If 
>anyone has a syllabus similar to this type of 
>course and are willing to share it would be much appreciated.
>Please reply to kmartine at csusm.edu. I'm more 
>than willing to compile all responses to share with group if interested!
>Thank you in advance,
>Konane Martinez
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