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Sam Beck sbeck at med.cornell.edu
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I understand the difficulty Barry Wellman has with the discussion.
However, this list ought to enable any member to raise ethical/moral 
issues of concern, especially under the conditions that are taking 
place in Gaza.  The deaths, injuries, destruction, and suffering of 
Gaza civilians is unacceptable.  Just about every country of the 
world has asked for a cease fire and the opening of borders to bring 
in aid.  Hospitals are overwhelmed, the situation in Gaza is so dire 
that people are unable to leave their homes, people are bleeding to 
death, and so on.  How can anyone stand by without saying 
something.  There are massive demonstrations against this war taking 
place in Israel by Israelis.


At 08:53 PM 1/6/2009, Barry Wellman wrote:
>I was distressed reading the extraordinarily anti-Israel comments on this
>list. I do not believe that such comments are the focus of this list. And
>that the discussion is not being carried on in our area of expertise. I
>hope that people will take their discussion elsewhere.
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