[URBANTH-L]Urban visions of the Middle East

Danila Mayer mayerdane at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 9 15:17:27 EST 2009

Dear All!
As an urban anthropologist who is especially concerned
with the Near and Middle East, I find much consolidation in the visions which two Austrian architects (Siegfried Alleneder and Lorenz Potocnik) have
produced, and which are exactly up our veins, so to say. They draw the
map WITHOUT national borders and simply concentrate on the cities'
network, the "East Mediterranean City Belt 2050". Please have a look at


is absolutely amazing how this densely populated area could again be
one of the world's most important and beautiful centers if the cities
and metropoles would work together - from the Nile delta to the
wonderful South-Eastern Anatolian plains, from the Mediterranean Sea to
the desert, from Jerusalem to Gaza, and on along the Mediterranean coast, to Durres, Palermo, Marseille, Conil, Tanger, Carthago, and whichever millennium-old city names might come to our minds ...

Let us strive at making this future possible.

Best and peace to all,
Danila Mayer
people for peace

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