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**Deadline: January 20, 2009**

Call for Papers:
Communicative Cities: Integrating Technology and Place Conference

With support from the Battelle Endowment for Technology and Human Affairs
and The Ohio State University, we are organizing the Communicative Cities:
Integrating Technology and Place Conference. The Urban Communication
Foundation (http://www.urbancomm.org/) began exploring this topic about
three years ago and held planning sessions in Washington, DC, Rome, and

We invite planners, designers, city officials, policy-makers, communications
professionals and others to submit proposals for presentations.

Join us in Columbus, Ohio June 25-26, 2009. The conference will have a
distinguished set of keynote speakers. The theme: "Communicative Cities"
encompasses a variety of areas (design, public policy, journalism) across
different scales and settings (downtowns, city/regional, global), and seeks
to address questions such as:
o       What makes a communicative city?
o       How do cities facilitate communication?
o       How can technology and face-to-face communication be integrated in a
global world?
o       What are the challenges from the exponential rise in communication
o       What are the potential impacts on place and community?
o       How can global connectivity and data accessibility be achieved?
The submission Abstract proposal DEADLINE is January 20, 2009. We will
notify you by March 15 if your presentation is accepted.

We welcome three kinds of presentations: Traditional papers; Presentations
of designs or plans; Symposium on a single topic with 3-4 presenters and a
moderator. Awards will be given for the best student paper and best student
design or plan.

Jack L. Nasar, & Kate Terzano, co-chairs Communicative Cities.
The Ohio State University

Columbus is a short drive from Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh,
Indianapolis and Knoxville. Local entertainment includes the Arena District,
near downtown, home to the Nationwide Arena, professional hockey,
restaurants, bars, and live entertainment; the Short North Gallery District,
between two historic districts, and home to restaurants, coffee houses, and
art galleries; The Brewery District with its microbreweries and fine German
restaurants, bars, and live entertainment venues; and the historic German

How to submit your proposal:
On-line submittal at: http://tinyurl.com/6AHHVZ
For mail, e-mail or fax submissions see next page.


Communicative Cities: Integrating Technology and Place            June
25-26, 2009
Conference Submission Cover Sheet
Deadline: January 20, 2009
Please complete the following information for the primary author(s) of
papers, design presentation or primary organizers of symposia
Last name, First name,
Street address or p. o.
City, state, postal code and
Telephone: ___________________FAX:___________________
Other author/contributor names and e-mail addresses:
 ________________________________       _____________________________
________________________________        _____________________________

Presentation Category (check one)
       [  ] paper presentation*
       [  ] presentation of design or planning project*
       [  ] symposium (3-4 papers and moderator)
        * ____I will present in either paper or poster interactive session,
but I.
             __prefer poster    ___prefer paper session
       ____I will present in poster session only
       ____I will present in paper session only.

Learning objectives (Please list the learning objectives of your
presentation (needed for continuing education certification)
1. ________________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________________
[  } Student Paper or Design Award. For consideration for a student paper or
design award, please check the box and have a faculty member verify your
status by sending us a signed note or e-mailing it as an attachment to:
Kate Terzano, City & Regional Planning
275 W. Woodruff
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210
FAX: (614)-292-7106; terzano.1 at osu.edu

Key Words:
Indicate the kind of setting (such as city, neighborhood, sidewalks, parks)
The method (such as experiment, quasi-experiment, qualitative research,
theory, plan, design) ___________________________________________
Content (such as mobile technology, spatial behavior, regulations, design,
culture) ________
Submit your cover sheet and 250-500 word abstract below by January 20, 2009.

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