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Green Jobs for Refugees

RefugeeWorks invites submissions for an upcoming issue on job
opportunities for refugees in the "green economy." The RefugeeWorks
Newsletter has a subscriber base of 2,500 readers (academics, job developers,
case managers, program managers, and social service providers). Would you
like to contribute? Please send your story ideas and/or submissions to
Daniel Sturm at:
dsturm at refugeeworks.org

The Obama administration has announced plans to create five million
green collar jobs in the coming decade, making this a very timely topic
for refugee employment specialists. Already, the green economy offers a
wide variety of jobs, ranging from entry-level blue collar work to
skilled professional employment, "The green economy needs Ph.D.'s and
Ph.-do's," comments Van Jones, author of The Green Collar Economy. The
diversity of this job sector mirrors the varied skill backgrounds of our
refugee and asylee clients.

As employers in traditional service and manufacturing industries
continue to cut wages and downsize, the rise of a green economy jobs
offers the potential for new growth in areas as diverse as building
retrofitting, mass transit, energy-efficient automobile manufacture,
wind power, solar power, cellulosic biomass fuels, pollution prevention,
farming, and environmentally conscious culinary and cleaning services.
Are refugees being employed in these sectors? What positive
experiences and challenges have you encountered, as you interact with
this growing new sector of employment?

The challenges and best practices of green sector employment will be the
theme of the forthcoming Spring 2009 newsletter. Please send your story
ideas and/or submissions to Daniel Sturm at dsturm at refugeeworks.org.
The submission deadline for our Green Jobs theme issue is February 10,

Daniel Sturm, Consultant & Managing Editor
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dsturm at refugeeworks.org

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