[URBANTH-L]NEWS: Time-Lapse Videos of Massive Change on Earth

Angela Jancius jancius3022 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 8 16:47:51 EDT 2009

Time-Lapse Videos of Massive Change on Earth
By Lizzie Buchen, Wired Science
May 29, 2009  |

Over the past decade, the number of people on Earth shot up by more than 13 
percent, to nearly 6.8 billion people. To make room for all the hungry, 
breeding, CO2-emitting bodies on our small planet, we've ravaged Earth's 
surface with staggering feats of deforestation, irrigation and 
urbanization - and NASA satellites have captured it all. Here are a few 
videos, compiled from images posted on NASA's Earth Observatory, of some of 
the most impressive conquests of man over environment.

Read the article and watch the short videos:


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