[URBANTH-L]CFP- Pleasure Travel, Affect, and Multiple Desires

Susan Frohlick frohlick at cc.umanitoba.ca
Sat Jun 13 09:54:49 EDT 2009

Call for Papers for Session on “Pleasure Travel, Affect, and Multiple  
Desires: Loving, Lusting and Other Feelings Away from Home”
Third International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional  
Geographies Conference, April 6-8, 2010
University of South Australia, Adelaide

Dr. Ana Dragojlovic (National Australia University) and Dr. Susan  
Frohlick (University of Manitoba), Panel Organizers

Pleasure travel brings about and presumably heightens and intensifies  
an array of emotions and affective dimensions of personal and  
collective experience—joy, happiness, frustration, anger, distaste,  
lust, love, longing, desire, and so forth. Travel to faraway or  
foreign destinations are imbued with the expectation of, and even the  
longing for, emotional experiences that “move” us beyond our  
presumable everyday lackluster and passionless realities of work and  
domesticity. What are the specificities of these affects? What is the  
relationship between emotion at home and emotion while on vacation out  
of the country and across national boundaries? How do recent forms of  
tourism, such as volunteer, medical tourism or reproductive tourism,  
produce or give rise somehow to new emotions, a new way of feeling? So  
far, little scholarship on tourism has explored the emotional and  
affective dimensions of international pleasure travel even when  
referring to sex tourism, in favor of the rational motivations of  
tourists, or the economic structures. Yet erotic desires (the love or  
lust for the Other) are accompanied by and intertwined with multiple  
desires in tourist quests for pleasure, intensity, assuaging of guilt,  
and so on. Essentially we want to think more closely about human  
movement away from home structured by pleasure travel and its affects.  
This panel seeks papers that engage with these broad questions  
empirically and/or theoretically. Please send abstracts of 300 words  
or less by July 5, 2009 to either Dr. Susan Frohlick frohlick at cc.umanitoba.ca 
  or Dr. Ana Dragojlovic < ana.dragojlovic at gmail.com>
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