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Fri Mar 13 15:14:46 EDT 2009

Call for Conference Paper Proposals

*New Frontiers of Race: Criminalities, Cultures, and Policing in the Global
May 29, 2009
Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture
University of Chicago*

The Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture at the University of
Chicago and the academic journal *Identities: Global Studies in Culture and
Power* solicit paper proposals for a day long conference to be held on the
campus on May 29, 2009.  “New Frontiers of Race: Criminalities, Cultures,
and Policing in the Global Era,” seeks to intervene in the discursive,
material, and ideological debates involving criminalities, cultures,
policing, and race in a global era. Associations among race, criminality,
deviancy, and delinquency continue to suffuse popular representations in the
media and in the social sciences. Research on marginalized, racialized, and
impoverished populations have long been fodder for an academic cottage
industry throughout the history of the social sciences. Indeed, the
insurgent intellectual formation of Ethnic Studies has been distinguished by
a critical intellectual demand for the visibility, recognition, and
self-representation of the subjugated, exploring their repressed histories
and the social conditions of communities of color. As such, Ethnic Studies
was largely premised upon an explicit critique of the complicity of
conventional academic disciplines with hegemonic representations that
silenced and pathologized these same communities.

This conference will explore new genealogies and approaches to deviancy,
pathology and criminality that grapple with these longstanding issues. Do
migrations, diasporas, borders, and other transnationalisms disrupt
ideologies and discourses of pathology? Do the stakes in the debates
surrounding pathology and related problematic representations of people of
color shift as they ascend to the highest echelons of power?

Conference paper proposals are welcome on the following themes but are not
limited to these: identity politics and the politics of multiculturalisms;
post-racial discourses and ideologies; “cultures” of poverty and/or
“poverties” of culture; pathologies and gendered or sexual normativities;
new studies and/or genealogies of criminalities, delinquencies, deviances,
and pathologies; the politics of transgressions or non-normative politics;
“cultures” of policings, deportations, and carcerality.

Nicholas De Genova of Columbia University has confirmed his participation as
one of our keynote speakers; confirmation from a second is pending.  Papers
presented at the conference will be considered for publication by *Identities:
Global Studies in Culture and Power*.  All expenses – transport and housing
– will be provided for persons chosen to present.

Paper proposals should not be more that two single-spaced pages and must be
accompanied by a short two-page resume. A copy of these materials should be
sent electronically by *April 30* to each of the following:  Ramón A.
Gutiérrez (rgutierrez at uchicago.edu), Gilberto Rosas (grosas at uchicago.edu)
and Jonathan Hill (jhill at siu.edu).    For additional information on the
conference, please contact Prof. Ramón A. Gutiérrez, Director, Center for
the Study of Race, Politics and Culture, University of Chicago at
773-702-8063 or rgutierrez at uchicago.edu.

Gilberto Rosas
Postdoctoral Fellow/Visiting Assistant Professor
Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture
and Department of Anthropology
University of Chicago

Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
and Latina/o Studies Program
University of Illinois

(773) 834-8736
grosas at uchicago.edu

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