[URBANTH-L] CFP AAA 2009 -- When the Ends Require the Means: The Intersectionof Ethnographic Methods and Critical Theory in Undergraduate Research

Robert T. O'Brien robrien at temple.edu
Tue Mar 17 10:54:44 EDT 2009

*CFP AAA 2009 -- When the Ends Require the Means: The Intersection of
Ethnographic Methods and Critical Theory in Undergraduate Research*

In order to participate students must have done coursework in field methods
(with a preference for ethnographic methods) and (some form of) critical
PLEASE NOTE: If you are graduating this year, I am especially interested in
having you on this panel. Please do not assume that you do not qualify
because you will no longer be an "undergraduate".

The theme of this year's conference is "The end/s of anthropology". With
that in mind, I am proposing the following panel:

**This panel proposes an argument for the validity of anthropology's methods
and its unique critical perspectives on sociocultural phenomena using
exemplary work by undergraduates trained in both fieldwork and theory. Each
of the papers should local forms of difference in the context of
transnationalism and advanced capitalism. These papers should represent the
ends to which good ethnographic research and writing can be put. In our
focus on the work of trained undergraduates we argue for the specificity of
anthropological ethnographic practice and inquiry.

Paper proposals that address broad issues related to race, ethnicity,
sexuality, gender, disability or other processes of marginalization are
strongly encouraged.
Papers may also engage with or broadly articulate any of these following

- Reflexive works on the experience of conducting research
- The politics of the field setting
- Theoretical/Conceptual Approaches related to activist research
- Methodological approaches related to providing what Farmer refers to as
"pragmatic solidarity"

More info, including the call for papers is here:

The deadline for submitting abstracts and proposals is April 1 at 5PM.
Abstracts must be sent to Robert T. O'Brien <robertob at rci.rutgers.edu> no
later than March 27th to be considered for inclusion.
Breathe in, Breathe out.
Breathe in, Breathe out.
Forget this and attaining enlightenment will be the least of your worries.

Robert T. O'Brien
Assistant Instructor
Department of Anthropology
Rutgers University
robertob at rci.rutgers.edu

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