[URBANTH-L]Conference registration fees and alternative formats

Lisa Knauer lknauer at umassd.edu
Sat Mar 28 14:47:24 EDT 2009

Dear list
I'm wondering if anyone on this list knows if AAA will ever reduce or 
waive the registration fees for non-AAA members.  The high fees seem 
especially steep and very ironic since this year's conference explicitly 
calls for non-traditional formats. I co-organized a panel on 
immigration, and we want to include an immigrant advocate (i.e. a 
grassroots organizer) as a discussant. $361 seems like a lot to ask an 
organizer to pay for a registration fee if he/she is only attending AAA 
to participate in a single panel (and is not an academic who might be 
able to get university funding). 
Any thoughts?
Lisa Maya Knauer

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