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Hi Lisa,

Things may have changed at the AAA.  But in the past, on several occasions, I have had non-anthropologists serve as panelists (technically "discussants") on panels without any charge at all.  This did not apply to discussants on academic paper sessions though.  Permission needed to be individually obtained from the AAA staff person in charge of the anthropology conferences.  In the past, this was Lucille Horn.  Good luck!


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>Dear list
>I'm wondering if anyone on this list knows if AAA will ever reduce or 
>waive the registration fees for non-AAA members.  The high fees seem 
>especially steep and very ironic since this year's conference explicitly 
>calls for non-traditional formats. I co-organized a panel on 
>immigration, and we want to include an immigrant advocate (i.e. a 
>grassroots organizer) as a discussant. $361 seems like a lot to ask an 
>organizer to pay for a registration fee if he/she is only attending AAA 
>to participate in a single panel (and is not an academic who might be 
>able to get university funding). 
>Any thoughts?
>Lisa Maya Knauer
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