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Alessandro Busà alessandro.busa at metropolitanstudies.de
Fri May 29 19:00:21 EDT 2009

Apologies for cross posting.

Dear friends and colleagues,
We are delighted to cordially invite you to the 5th Annual Conference of the Transatlantic Graduate Research Program Berlin / New York: "The City and The State of Exception", which will be held on June 4th-6th 2009 at the Center for Metropolitan Studies in Berlin.
Location maps, full program and flyers are attached. 
Please, feel free to forward this invitation to interested colleagues.
Best regards,

The City and the
 Ausnahmezustand and the Urban Condition
State of Exception
Center for Metropolitan Studies (CMS)
TU Berlin | Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7 | TEL 3-0 | 10587 Berlin
Phone 030-314 28400, info at metropolitanstudies.de
StraSe des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin
Exceptional times call for exceptional measures. Following this logic, debates about states
of emergency and states of exception have gained high political, public, and academic
currency in recent times. Even though urban areas are often the central sites of such
Ausnahmezustände – due to their population density, infrastructural significance as well as
cultural, economic, and political centrality – thus far not enough attention has been paid to
the specific urban dimensions of such forms of crisis.
The aim of this conference is to examine how specific manifestations of states of
exception and states of emergency have shaped urban conditions and imaginaries and
how they, in turn, have led to the reevaluation of urban practice, the structuration of urban
space, and, more generally, mechanisms of power and state control. What causes urban
states of exception and how do they expose the inherent tensions between order and
chaos, freedom and security, continuity and change, inclusion and exclusion, and sobriety
and excess? To what extent is the concept of Ausnahmezustand even useful and where
lie its limitations?
We will discuss these questions through a range of historical and contemporary case
studies that look at concrete instances of violent uprisings, natural disasters, or political
turmoil in order to explain how states of emergency and exception have affected urban
governance and planning as well as the social practices and cultural imaginaries in and
of cities across five continents. The conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for
young and established scholars from numerous disciplines including geography, history,
philosophy and political science, sociology, achitecture, and urban planning.
MORE Details 
   Arch. Alessandro Busà
   Center for Metropolitan Studies
   TU Berlin, TEL 3-0
   Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
   10587 Berlin, Germany
   phone: +49 176 61 29 79 07
   alessandro.busa at metropolitanstudies.de  
  info at urbanreinventors.net



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