[URBANTH-L]CFP: The European City, Politics & Cultural Identity

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Mon Sep 28 19:56:48 EDT 2009

Call for Papers: The European City, Politics & Cultural Identity

The European city, its buildings, structures and spaces, are deeply imbued with cultural identity, and therefore heavily invested with political action.  The shaping of the city is subject to political contestation and the city is a forum for cultural and political performance.  These sessions will examine multiple-facets of these relationships.

Papers should  focus on the European city and may address the following topics and others:

-          Urban space and political performance

-          Architectural symbolism and cultural politics

-          Political decision-making, urban planning & architecture

-          Urban space and the construction of identity

-          Toponymy, culture and politics

-          Urban morphology, history and identity

-          Popular representation of urban form and space

 If you are interested in participating in a session, please email your abstract to Joshua Hagen at (hagenj at marshall.edu) or Paul Stangl (paul.stangl at wwu.edu) by October 21 2009.

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