[ysu-acm] ACM Presentation?

Ricky Elrod rbelrod at student.ysu.edu
Fri Oct 14 21:37:46 EDT 2016

Dr. Kramer,

Looking at the poll results for YSU ACM meeting times, it seems the most
people can attend on Monday or Wednesdays at 4pm. I'm arbitrarily
picking Wednesdays (we had the same number of "yes" responses for both).

Would you like to get the ball rolling and give the first presentation
(this coming week), on Wednesday at 4pm? It doesn't have to be an
extremely long thing, but maybe something on your research, or another
robotics demo or something along those lines?

If you are interested, please let me know ASAP so I can get some posters
and facebook events made up.


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