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Yulanda McCarty-Harris ymccartyharris at ysu.edu
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Hey, just so you know. I am glad to be here, and when are we all getting
together so that Dr. Attardo use his last two cents paying for our dinners?
(smile). If not, Dr. Attardo then Dr. Wan-Tatah. 

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Hi BFSA Members:

I just wanted to let you know about the updates to the
BFSA website:

* new summer/spring edition of "Ogele" newsletter

* new section "Read the Good Book"
  here we will review books or talk about books that
is "good reading"
  Members will be able to recommend books and write
book reviews.

* Dr. Attardo leaves YSU article with "My Two Cents"

* Should African American Students be encouraged to
pursue STEM majors?

*  Campus Climate Survey says morale on campus is low

* Grads are in the Black!! More hiring with higher

* YSU welcomes Yulanda McCarthy as director of Equal
Opportunity and Diversity

Go to http://www.ysubfsa.org


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