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 Please send out and inform all the students. 

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Subject: Fall 2008 Internship Positions

Below you will find a list of internships that are available to YSU 
students for fall semester 2008.  Could you please share the file with 
students  that you think would be interested in the positions?

 <a href="http://cfweb.cc.ysu.edu/ta/download.cfm?id=484">Fall 2008 
Internship Positions</a>

If the students are interested in an intern position, please have them 
e-mail me jmreid at ysu.edu) for an application.


If they are accepted by the agency, then they will need to register for 
an internship class in fall 2008 as well as a one-hour nonprofit 
leadership seminar class (BUS4841).  Please e-mail or call me (#1870) 
if you have questions.

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