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Joan Boyd jlboyd at ysu.edu
Fri Sep 5 13:53:03 EDT 2008

It was a wonderful outing. Perhaps if my teaching schedule permits I 
may be able to help out next year.


Brenda Scarborough wrote:

>>From the desk of William Blake:
>   Thank you everyone for such a wonderful turn-out.  There were people 
>everywhere.  We ran out of bread 4 X's  I and they just keep on coming. 
> Poor Brenda was tired cause she really helped out.  I have been on the 
>sideline with an infected foot.  She allowed me to sit down the whole 
>time and handled everything.  Of course there was other help including 
>my GA Ariel and our new Director of Upward Bound, Sherry Woods.
>The Courtyard staff was a great help as well.  This year we did not 
>have to bring grills but used the one's on site.  Special thanks to all 
>the Courtyard staff.
>William J. Blake
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