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Yulanda McCarty-Harris ymccartyharris at ysu.edu
Sun Sep 7 15:50:42 EDT 2008

I think this is a great idea and we should us it. The key is getting 
individuals to the use the portal.  We are experiencing problems now 
just getting people to use the portal. A lot of peopel use other 
scheduling calendars and other email servers. I know my secretary keeps 
my schedule and I think it is OUtlook. 

Brenda Scarborough wrote:

>>From the desk of Cameron Hughes:
>The  YSU BFSA is facing a few scheduling challenges and communication 
>challenges.  I have recommended  (a partial solution) on a few other 
>occasions,  I  will just offer up 
>again as a refresher.   The YSU BFSA needs to modernize a little with 
>respect to communication technologies.   We need take more advantage 
>of the new  University Portal (It is part of Banner).  The portal has: 
>1)  A shared calendar: (that we can use to track everyone's 
>availability so that meetings can be planned for maximum 
>participation).  Its a nice planning and scheduling tool! 
>2)  Message Board :  Where members can communicate and share ideas as a 
>group.  You can post or read messages at your convienience  while 
>sharing your thoughts with everyone else. (Folks this part of the new 
>social computing movement!) 
>3)  A Files area where we can upload important documents to be shared 
>(e.g.  by-laws, constitution,  nominee pledges, documents, etc) 
>4)  A Chat  area where we can (if necessary!)  have meetings online (if 
>everyone can meet in the same physical location) 
>In addition to these  we need to take advantage of  the BFSA website 
>and blogs to stay better informed about what's going on with the 
>Finally:  phone conferencing for members  who are available at the 
>right time of a meeting but are in a different place.   All they need 
>is access to a phone! 
>They could then hear and participate in the meetings. 
>Its not always possible to have everybody at the same place and same 
>time.   Lots of members would participate more if thier calendars 
>permitted it.   We can address part of the  scheduling and 
>communication challenges by fully utilizing:
>The  YSU Portal (Groups  Feature) 
>The   BFSA  Listserve  (Managed by  Brenda) 
>The    BFSA  Website:  http://www.ysubfsa.org 
>Phone  Conferencing 
>The YSU BFSA has an Information Technology (IT)  group.  We should take 
>full advantage of them when we have to. 
>  Thanks Yulanda for  all the effort you have (and will)  put in during 
> this election process :-) 
>Remember:   Success  comes to those who are too busy to look for it. 
>Brenda wrote:
>   A "BFSA Group Page" that is/was set up by [Rosa Vega, Group Leader]. 
> Members who wishes to join, submit a request to join that must be 
>approved by the leader. 
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