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Yulanda McCarty-Harris ymccartyharris at ysu.edu
Sun Sep 7 16:59:55 EDT 2008

Hello all, I tried to retrieve this email, but of course it did not 
work. I apologize for the typos, I was trying to type it while doing 20 
other things with my children. 

But as I stated I think it would be great. Once we get the Executive 
Officers in place, Cameron I think you should head a committee to make 
this happen.  I have not received any other nominations with the 
exception of Rufus Hudson. 

As we stated in the email, we would like to include short bios on the 
BFSA website, please foward them asap. Remember we do represent the 
needs of faculty and staff, so if there are any other nominations 
remember the deadline is Friday, Sept. 12.  Also remember that you have 
to be a PAID member in order to vote. Please send to JoAnn Traylor as 
stated in the previous correspondence. 

Yulanda McCarty-Harris wrote:

>I think this is a great idea and we should us it. The key is getting 
>individuals to the use the portal.  We are experiencing problems now 
>just getting people to use the portal. A lot of peopel use other 
>scheduling calendars and other email servers. I know my secretary keeps 
>my schedule and I think it is OUtlook. 
>Brenda Scarborough wrote:
>>>From the desk of Cameron Hughes:
>>The  YSU BFSA is facing a few scheduling challenges and communication 
>>challenges.  I have recommended  (a partial solution) on a few other 
>>occasions,  I  will just offer up 
>>again as a refresher.   The YSU BFSA needs to modernize a little with 
>>respect to communication technologies.   We need take more advantage 
>>of the new  University Portal (It is part of Banner).  The portal has: 
>>1)  A shared calendar: (that we can use to track everyone's 
>>availability so that meetings can be planned for maximum 
>>participation).  Its a nice planning and scheduling tool! 
>>2)  Message Board :  Where members can communicate and share ideas as a 
>>group.  You can post or read messages at your convienience  while 
>>sharing your thoughts with everyone else. (Folks this part of the new 
>>social computing movement!) 
>>3)  A Files area where we can upload important documents to be shared 
>>(e.g.  by-laws, constitution,  nominee pledges, documents, etc) 
>>4)  A Chat  area where we can (if necessary!)  have meetings online (if 
>>everyone can meet in the same physical location) 
>>In addition to these  we need to take advantage of  the BFSA website 
>>and blogs to stay better informed about what's going on with the 
>>Finally:  phone conferencing for members  who are available at the 
>>right time of a meeting but are in a different place.   All they need 
>>is access to a phone! 
>>They could then hear and participate in the meetings. 
>>Its not always possible to have everybody at the same place and same 
>>time.   Lots of members would participate more if thier calendars 
>>permitted it.   We can address part of the  scheduling and 
>>communication challenges by fully utilizing:
>>The  YSU Portal (Groups  Feature) 
>>The   BFSA  Listserve  (Managed by  Brenda) 
>>The    BFSA  Website:  http://www.ysubfsa.org 
>>Phone  Conferencing 
>>The YSU BFSA has an Information Technology (IT)  group.  We should take 
>>full advantage of them when we have to. 
>>  Thanks Yulanda for  all the effort you have (and will)  put in during 
>> this election process :-) 
>>Remember:   Success  comes to those who are too busy to look for it. 
>>Brenda wrote:
>>   A "BFSA Group Page" that is/was set up by [Rosa Vega, Group Leader]. 
>> Members who wishes to join, submit a request to join that must be 
>>approved by the leader. 
>>Brenda Scarborough, LMTA II
>>Maag Library/Information Services
>>Youngstown State University
>>One University Plaza 
>>Youngstown OH 44555-0001
>>t:(330)941-3126 e: bmscarborough at ysu.edu
>>bfsa mailing list
>>bfsa at lists.ysu.edu
>Yulanda McCarty-Harris. Esq. 
>Director of Equal Opportunity 
>and Diversity
>Youngstown State University
>One University Plaza
>Youngstown, Ohio 44555
>ymccartyharris at ysu.edu

Yulanda McCarty-Harris. Esq. 
Director of Equal Opportunity 
and Diversity
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
Youngstown, Ohio 44555
ymccartyharris at ysu.edu

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