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Brenda Scarborough bmscarborough at ysu.edu
Wed Sep 10 15:35:25 EDT 2008

>From the desk of Arlene Floyd

  We have reserved a tent in the M-7 lot (Lincoln and Rayen Avenues) 
for our tailgating event.  We will start at approximately 12:30 PM.  I 
will be there at 12:00 PM.   This is pot luck so please let me know 
what you intend to bring.  Please try to bring enough 
food/beverages/paper supplies to feed 20 people.

You will have to get tickets for the game on your own.   Contact the 
ticket office regarding tickets.

Please relpy directly to Arlene.  


Brenda will bring; bean salad/bowls/spoons

Brenda Scarborough, LMTA II
Maag Library/Information Services
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza 
Youngstown OH 44555-0001
t:(330)941-3126 e: bmscarborough at ysu.edu

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