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Sylvia Imler sjimler at ysu.edu
Thu Feb 19 13:09:50 EST 2009

Last week Dr. Bettina Love was on campus and she was dynamic.  Minority 
representation was minimal - 2 or 3 present.  Tina is from the Atlanta 
area and was passionate about her research which was a study of the 
effects of hip hop culture on our minority children.  She was 
powerfully confident and KNEW her stuff!  

Thanks for the call Hasheen.

Hasheen Wilson wrote:

>This coming Monday February 23rd at 4:00 PM in BCOE 4302 Dr. James 
Pusch has
>invited BFSA to be present for Dr. Patrick Spearman's presentation. We 
>to show our presents, in such processes, to help the University and BFSA
>accomplish our objective of hiring minority candidates. Also, let's not
>restrict ourselves to just minority candidates but embrace all 
candidates on
>behalf of BFSA by being present when they visit our campus. I'm sure Dr.
>Spearman along with other candidates would feel comforted in being able 
>identify with the audience. Therefore, let's do our part by extending a
>welcoming hand to these worth candidates. While perusing his resume the
>presentation will be impacting and timely. Impacting because he has done
>extensive research and implemented various techniques for the education 
>retention of African American students in K-16.Timely, because the
>administration has charged BFSA to target the retention of AA males 
here at
>Have a tremendous day!
>Hasheen A. Wilson
>"Exercising Our Voice, Influencing Change"


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