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Yulanda McCarty-Harris ymccartyharris at ysu.edu
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I had the opportunity to meet her privately on campus (via Dr. Harmon) and
she was very pleasant, and I, too, was impressed with her. She was very
eager to learn about organizations like BFSA and minority representation on

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Last week Dr. Bettina Love was on campus and she was dynamic.  Minority 
representation was minimal - 2 or 3 present.  Tina is from the Atlanta 
area and was passionate about her research which was a study of the 
effects of hip hop culture on our minority children.  She was 
powerfully confident and KNEW her stuff!  

Thanks for the call Hasheen.

Hasheen Wilson wrote:

>This coming Monday February 23rd at 4:00 PM in BCOE 4302 Dr. James 
Pusch has
>invited BFSA to be present for Dr. Patrick Spearman's presentation. We 
>to show our presents, in such processes, to help the University and BFSA
>accomplish our objective of hiring minority candidates. Also, let's not
>restrict ourselves to just minority candidates but embrace all 
candidates on
>behalf of BFSA by being present when they visit our campus. I'm sure Dr.
>Spearman along with other candidates would feel comforted in being able 
>identify with the audience. Therefore, let's do our part by extending a
>welcoming hand to these worth candidates. While perusing his resume the
>presentation will be impacting and timely. Impacting because he has done
>extensive research and implemented various techniques for the education 
>retention of African American students in K-16.Timely, because the
>administration has charged BFSA to target the retention of AA males 
here at
>Have a tremendous day!
>Hasheen A. Wilson
>"Exercising Our Voice, Influencing Change"


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