[URBANTH-L]Call for Participants: International Graduate Summer Seminar Interrogating the African Diaspora Summer 2005

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Fri Dec 3 11:34:29 EST 2004

 International Graduate Summer Seminar Interrogating the African Diaspora
Summer 2005 African Diaspora Identities
Location: Florida, United States
Deadline: February 1, 2005

This seminar will address the fundamental issues that have engaged thinkers
through the periods of slavery, colonization, emancipation(s), and
modernity. It will suggest and reflect upon genealogies of discourses of
individual and group identities, both self-identities and interpellations.
Discourses of "race" and hybridity, "material" and metaphorical realities
that invoked biological and cultural legitimacy, dominated the social,
economic, and legal classifications of Diaspora subjects, providing them
with-or imposing upon them-frames within which to work, or against which to
rebel. Diaspora subjects developed and continually adapted strategies of
conditional conformity, subversion, and open confrontation, especially in
societies that circulated egalitarian, enlightenment, and emancipatory
principles as the foundations of the civic order. Whether as "racial,"
ethnic, linguistic, sexual, national, or transnational subjects, they
negotiated the obstacles and opportunities to forge creative social
positions that erupt in cultural productions.

Module One: July 11-15
Deconstructing Racial Knowledge: Questioning Methodologies
Joseph Graves, Fairleigh Dickenson University

Module Two: July 18-22
The African Diaspora: Contesting the Heteronormative
Lola Young, National Museum and Archives of Black History and Culture, UK

Module Three: July 25-29
Mapping the African Diaspora: Fragmented Geographies and Positionalities
Nalini Persram, University of Dublin, Trinity College

Module Four: August 1-5
African Diaspora: Hybridities Against Race?
Shalini Puri, University of Pittsburgh

Summer 2006: Performing African Diasporas
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