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Dear colleagues:

Please pardon the self-promotion, but this may be of interest, and part
of the proceeds will go to the community of Taquile Island, Peru.

best wishes for the holiday season,

Elayne Zorn

New book of interest from the University of Iowa Press

Elayne Zorn notes that the University of Iowa Press has just published
her ethnography Weaving a Future: Tourism, Cloth, and Culture on an
Andean Island (2004), about traditional arts (textiles) and
community-controlled ecotourism on Taquile Island, Peru.

1. Introduction: Tourism, Cloth, and Culture
2. Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca
3. The Cloth of Contemporary Incas
4. Transforming Value by Commoditizing Cloth
5. Visit Taquile-Isle of Peace and Enchantment
6. Conclusion: Weaving a Future?
Afterword: Traveling to Taquile

226 pp, 40 b & w illustrations, 1 map
$49.95 hardcover 0-87745-915-0
$24.95 paper 0-87745-916-9
University of Iowa Press 

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Elayne Zorn
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