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Papers are sought for 2 sessions during the 2005 Canadian Sociology and
Anthropology Association conference: "Paradoxes of Citizenship:
Environments, Exclusions, Equity"

London, Ontario, May 31 - June3, 2005

Abstracts should be sent to the session organizer by Dec 31, 2005. Details
on the conference can be found at

1) Environmental Justice in Canada:
In concordance with the conference theme of "Paradoxes of Citizenship:
Environments, Exclusions, Equity", this session(s) will explore
environmental justice in the Canadian context. A great deal of the
environmental justice research has been done in the United States. Yet
Canadian racial dynamics, social geographies, urban patterns, resource
development, multiculturalism, and social programs differ. Furthermore, the
relative position of First Nations (politically and culturally), and Canada'
s long tradition of political economy should inform approaches to justice
and the environment that are more useful for this country.
Papers that explore the concept of citizenship, its paradoxes and practices
in light of environmental access, equity, rights, and citizenship
obligations will be especially desirable. Papers that theorize the concept
of justice in an environmental light are also sought. This session is
intended to develop the theory and practice of environmental justice in

2) Environmental Sociology
Jointly sponsored by the Environmental Studies Association of Canada
Environmental sociology can be considered a challenge for the theoretical
foundations of the broader discipline. Environmental sociology can also be
topics having to do with the social aspects of environmental problems. To
what extent is there a dialectical process between social processes and
environmental or resource access or limits? Papers from a variety of
sociological perspectives and on a variety of environmental-society topics
are sought for this session.

Randolph Haluza-DeLay
Assistant Professor, Sociology
The King's University College
9125 - 50 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2H3

Phone: (780) 465-3500 ext 8063
Fax: (780) 465-3534
randy.haluza-delay at kingsu.ca

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