[URBANTH-L]Refunds (new issue)

J. Shawn Landres shawn at landres.com
Mon Nov 1 13:50:04 EST 2004

Apparently the EB is going to take up the question of refunds next week 
and is asking sections to weigh in.

My two cents:

I hope that SUNTA will encourage the EB to provide refunds to _anyone_ 
(regardless of income or status) who requests one.  In my view that's 
the only morally and legally sustainable option.

Also, the special hardship fund should not be spent on registration 
refunds, but only for people who had non-refundable pre-paid 
travel/lodging arrangements.  It should be administered solely on an 
income-dependent basis (there are contingent faculty who make less than 
fully-funded graduate students) and eligibility for funds there should 
_not_ depend on whether the person is going to Atlanta.


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