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[Editor's note: The following posts refer to Barry Wellman's query, "I 
am curious if anyone is doing an analysis of the behavior of 
anthropologists -- on and off lists -- re the annual meeting flap."  
Lyra Frederick asks whether anyone has kept record of the listserv 
dialog.  The answer is, yes, the URBANTH-L discussion of the last two 
weeks is available has been publicly archived. Enjoy! 
http://lists.ysu.edu/pipermail/urbanth-l/ -AJ]

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Subject: RE: [URBANTH-L]anthropology of anthropologists
Reason: Post to moderated listHey Barry,

I'm thinking of producing a story on this issue for KALX radio (UC 
Berkeley station).  If you or anyone else would be interested in being 
interviewed please let me know!  Also, does anyone have copies of the 
dialog on the listserve pertaining to this issue?

Lyra Frederick

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do it!



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