[URBANTH-L]Architects for Peace, Australia (fwd)

Rae Bridgman raea at yorku.ca
Wed Nov 3 12:59:47 EST 2004

>The official launch of Architects for Peace
>November 20th. 2004
>Hamer Hall undercroft
>(former Melbourne Concert Hall undercroft)
>the Arts Centre. 100 St Kilda Rd Melbourne Australia
>  intentCITY   a street forum
>Architects for Peace is a forum for planners, architects, urban
>designers, environmentalists, academics and students, seeking urban
>development based on social justice, solidarity, respect and peace.
>intentCITY will be a public forum to discuss the "political city" -
>the public space that affects us all - the built environment,
>ecology, citizens, particularly our involvement in war and what can
>be done to prevent it.
>intentCITY is about cities, citizenship, collaboration and
>friendship, at local and international levels. It is about
>boundaries, social and spatial, about cities their social realities
>and its denials. The public space that encourages discussion, the
>space of the "subversive forces" as Roland Barthes (1988) called it.
>Central to the idea of this forum is that it should take place in
>the public space -  intentCITY will be a free open forum accessible
>to AFP members and the general public.
>More information at architects for peace: http://www.architectsforpeace.org

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