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URBANTH-L Jobs, 11/4/04

* Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston
* Senior Associate, International Activities Center (The Urban Institute)

The Anthropology Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston
invites applications for a tenure-track position in Sociocultural
Anthropology at the Assistant Professor level, to begin September 2005, in
the area of Cultural Representation and Preservation, with expertise in
either museum studies or material culture studies.

We especially seek candidates with specialties in the study of ethnic
minority or immigrant populations, particularly those resident in New
England or the wider northeast US. The Department of Anthropology maintains
strong collaborative relations with our university¹s ethnic studies
programs, and welcomes candidates who can link their teaching and research
activities with our Asian American Studies, Africana Studies, or Latino
Studies Programs.
Experience in urban public institutions with diverse student bodies is
desirable. Ph.D. in Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, or equivalent
interdisciplinary training must be in hand by Fall 2005. Applications will
be reviewed beginning November 1.

Send cover letter, CV and names of three references to: University  of
Massachusetts Boston, Human Resources, Search #435b, 100 Morrissey
Boulevard,  Boston, MA 02125-3393. An Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity,
Title IX employer. This employer prohibits discrimination on the basis of
sexual orientation/preference and gender/identity expression.

UMass Boston is an urban, public, doctoral/research institution serving
12,500 commuter students, over half of whom represent the first generation
in their families to gain higher education in the U.S. More than one-third
of the student body is older than thirty, and over 90% work while attending
school. Nearly 40% of undergraduates are students of color. Asian American
students -- many of whom are working class immigrants -- comprise nearly 15%
of the undergraduate population. The campus is located next to the largest
Vietnamese community in the Northeast, and is a short subway ride from
Boston Chinatown and 40 minutes away from the nation's second and fifth
largest Cambodian communities in Lowell and Lynn.
* Senior Associate, International Activities Center (The Urban Institute)

Looking for qualified resident advisors to serve in-country on USAID and 
other international projects abroad. Projects focus on local government 
reform, decentralization policy, civil society, and housing and urban 
development. Qualified candidates should bring expertise in one or more 
relevant areas (e.g. intergovernmental or municipal finance, urban 
services and infrastructure, local economic development, citizen 
participation, and local social service delivery). The ideal candidates 
will have more than 10 years of experience including relevant 
international work. Opportunities most likely in the Balkans, the former 
Soviet Union, Latin America, and Far East. Particular interest in 
candidates who have had Chief of Party or other major management 
responsibility for international projects. Competency in local languages 
is desirable, but not necessary.

The ideal candidate will have more than 10 years of management 
experience (preferably some international project experience), 
experience working in the former Soviet Union and/or with USAID, and 
expertise in several areas of local government reform. Competency in 
local languages is desirable, but not necessary. Candidates must be 
willing to relocate on relatively short notice.

Send resume, cover letter, transcripts, and writing sample to:
The Urban Institute, Kathy Courrier, VP Communications - HR Office - Job 
2100 M Street N.W. Washington, DC 20037
Fax: (202) 887-5189 - Please limit transmissions to 6 pages.
We are able to accept resumes via e-mail at resumes at ui.urban.org (no 
attachments please).

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