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"Architecture and Identity -- The Own and the Foreign in Architecture" 
-- International Conference in Berlin, Germany

Berlin, December 6 – 8, 2004
House of World Cultures

HABITAT UNIT, Prof. Dr. Peter Herrle, Berlin University of Technology

in cooperation with the House of World Cultures

funded by VolkswagenStiftung

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How does architecture define the “own“ in a context of globalization vs. 
regionalization? What is the influence of the “foreign” in the 
construction of culural identity in architecture? These are questions an 
international group of academics and practitioners of architecture and 
the social sciences will explore during the Berlin conference 
“Architecture and Identity,” December 6 – 8, 2004.

The HABITAT UNIT of Berlin University of Technology has invited more 
than sixty experts from thirty-six countries to participate, including 
the architect Rasem Badran (Jordan), the sociologist Anthony King (USA), 
the theoretician Liana Lefaivre (Austria), and the historian Dogan Kuban 
(Turkey), all key protagonists of the world-wide debate. The conference 
is chaired by Prof. Dr. Peter Herrle of the HABITAT UNIT, a research 
division of the department of architecture at Berlin University of 
Technology focusing on socio-economic aspects of architecture and 
urbanism. Part of a one-year research project on the making of the “own” 
and the “foreign” in architecture, the conference is funded by the 
VolkswagenStiftung (Volkswagen Foundation). Three hundred participants 
from around the globe are expected.

The conference is structured both by regions and by topics. The first 
session will specifically consider the research project’s regional 
studies in Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, India and Singapore; the second 
session, divided into five parallel discussion panels structured around 
topics, will discuss themes such as “The Making of Local Identity” and 
“Identity and (Invented) Traditions.”

Welcome and Opening
Prof. Dr. Peter Herrle, Berlin University of Technology
Prof. Dr. Kurt Kutzler, President, Berlin University of Technology

10:00 – 18:00
Regional Reports from the Research Project „The Own and the Foreign in 
The Making of Identity in Brazil
Prof. Ruth Verde Zein, Sao Paulo
The Making of Identity in India
Prof. Rahul Mehrotra, Bombay / Ann Arbor
The Making of Identity in Mexico
Susanne Dussel, Mexico City / Berlin
The Making of Identity in the Middle East
Prof. Khaled Asfour, Kairo
The Making of Identity in Singapore
Prof. Robert Powell, London (in cooperation with William Lim, Singapore)

Evening Lecture by Prof. Dogan Kuban, historian, Istanbul, Turkey

Morning Lecture by Prof. Anthony King, sociologist, Binghamton, USA
Five Parallel Panel Discussions on Cross-Regional Topics:
Panel I: The Making of Local Identity
This panel focuses on the question of how local identity is currently 
being made.
Panel II: The Global and the Local
This panel deals with the impact of globalization on local architecture 
and related discourses.
Panel III: Theoretical Concepts – Revisited
This panel discusses the validity of concepts that have been developed 
over the past 20 years to explain contemporary phenomena in architecture.
Panel IV: Diversity as a Pattern of Local Architecture
This panel focuses on the diversification of styles and architectural 
Panel V: Identity and (Invented) Traditions
This panel discusses the role and meaning of tradition in the making of 
identity in contemporary architecture.

Evening Lecture by Rasem Badran, architect, Amman, Jordan

Morning Lecture by Prof. Liane Lefaivre, theoretician, Austria
10:00 – 14:00
Presentations from Panels I - V

Summary and Closing

Erik Wegerhoff
Research Assistant
Habitat Unit – A 53
Fakultaet VII Architektur Umwelt Gesellschaft
Berlin University of Technology
Strasse des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Email: info at architecture-identity.de <mailto:info at architecture-identity.de>
Visit the website at http://www.architecture-identity.de

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