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The applications for the AAA travel relief fund are now up on the front 
page of the AAA website, www.aaanet.org. 
<http://www.aaanet.org.%20>Applications for relief are due by December 
27th.  We will also be collecting applications at the Atlanta meetings 
at a booth manned by AAA staff, myself, and as many volunteers as we can 
get to help.

Once again thanks for all your help and input for getting this going.  
Also, please let your sections and section boards know that the form for 
CONTRIBUTING is up on the web page as well.  Right now the fund is up to 
$51,100 (with $50,000 from the general fund).  Hopefully, this fund at 
least doubles from contributions so we can help as many people as 

thanks again,

Jason J. González
Student Member, AAA Executive Board

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[The below response was sent in response to Carole Crumley's letter]

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Subject: Re: [URBANTH-L]Opportunities for Change (Crumley)

Right on!  Carole.

I am afraid that the need to organize seems even more important on
Wednesday.  We do need to work on unity, even though we may disagree about
the choices made regarding the AAA meetings.  It is clear that everyone (I
suppose most everyone) is trying to do "the right thing."  We need to come
out of this situation stronger and closer.


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