[URBANTH-L]Reimbursement Forms on the AAA home Page

Robert Rotenberg rrotenbe at depaul.edu
Sat Nov 6 11:10:37 EST 2004

The AAA has posted the forms for reimbursement for graduate students
and Foreign Professional members in Category "B" who incur airline
penalties in order to switch their tickets from San Francisco to
Atlanta, and to provide several options, including reimbursement, for
meeting registration fees for anyone who cannot attend Atlanta. I know
that this is more restrictive than we had hoped for. I have a strong
feeling that this situation is under continuing review. If the funds are
there, contingent and part-time professionals will probably be added
When you apply for the airline penalty reimbursement, please let me
know (rrotenbe at depaul.edu , not the entire the list please). The SUNTA
board wants to have some idea of how many of our members take advantage
of this, so that we can respond. As you know we have already committed
ourselves to making a contribution to the fund in the name of all SUNTA
members from the society's reserve fund. If more of our members take
advantage of this than we originally estimated, we would like to be able
to adjust the contribution. This applies to the airline penalty
reimbursement only. If you are only applying for reimbursement of
registrations fees we do not need to know about it. 

Bob Rotenberg, 
President, SUNTA

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