[URBANTH-L] Workshop: Social Justice and Human Rights Study-Tour of Israel/Palestine

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Mon Nov 22 12:18:28 EST 2004

Workshop: Social Justice and Human Rights Study-Tour of Israel/Palestine

 You're invited to join us during the month of January 2005, and then in the
month of June 2005, for a study tour of Social Justice and Human Rights
issues in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority. The tour will last 8 days
and it includes all the activities, lodging, meals and entry fees. Our
counterparts in both areas are leading social justice and human rights
organizations. Topics for exploration will be: poverty, housing
(construction and demolitions), child development, civil rights, education
and basic infrastructure conditions. We will visit the NGOs and each will
explain the social and economic conditions of their citizens. On each side
of the border, the NGOs will take us to see case studies, field projects
they are working on, as well as conduct for us other cultural and touring
activities. We will meet with NGO leaders, grass roots activists, government
officials, academics, artists and leaders of dissident movements. The
official dates for the January tour are January 9-16 and for the June trip
are June 23-30. The total cost of the tour is US $1,418.00. For more
information and registration please call or write Hune Margulies, Ph.D.,
tour organizer in the US on behalf of the NGOs (e-mail address and telephone
number provided below).

Hune Margulies, Ph.D.
The Martin Buber Center for Dialogical Ecology
Email: hmargulies at pace.edu
Visit the website at http://www.culture-and-ecology.com

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