[URBANTH-L]Workshop: States of Transgression - Strategies of Domination, Accommodation and Resistance across Asia

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Wed Nov 24 11:44:02 EST 2004

 States of Transgression - Strategies of Domination, Accommodation and
Resistance across Asia

 The Asia Research Institute invites graduate students to submit abstracts
for the Third Annual Graduate Students Workshop. This workshop will provide
a forum for discussion of graduate level research in progress with a
demonstrated interest in aspects of political processes across Asia. It will
explore emerging understandings of the state in the region, and macro- and
micro-levels of responses to it, whether at the community or the individual
level. It will encourage dialogue between various disciplinary perspectives
and provide access to feedback from a variety of specialists. Our title is
inspired by the writings of Professor James C. Scott (Visiting Fellow at
Asia Research Institute, Sterling Professor of Political Science and
Anthropology and Director, Programme in Agrarian Studies, Institution for
Social and Policy Studies, Yale University) and he will act as a key
facilitator of the workshop, offering his feedback to participants in
discussions of the papers presented. Within the overall theme of the
workshop - States of transgression: strategies of domination, accommodation
and resistance across Asia - we welcome innovative research papers on the
following topics:

Ethnic and/or Class Conflict
Social Movements and Everyday Forms of Resistance
Cross-border Issues
State Surveillance and Control
The Politics of Identity and Minority Issues
Resource Conflicts within State-imposed Frameworks
State Planning and Informal Social Order

Papers will be selected and assigned to panels. Each verbal presentation
(max. 15 mins) will receive comments and suggestions (5 mins) from a
discussant and will be followed by a broader panel discussion.

Graduate students who are interested in presenting a research paper at the
workshop should submit a 250 word abstract of their proposed paper to the
address below, electronically (MS word) or by post before Friday 14 January
2005. The abstract should clarify the substantive issues which your paper
will address and be firmly grounded in the results of your research project.
Please include your name, institutional affiliation, e-mail address and
other contact information. One confidential letter of recommendation from a
supervisor should also be forwarded to this address by the same date.

Full length papers, of around 5000 words in length, should be submitted by
Monday 4 April 2005. These are not expected to be final drafts but will be
circulated to participants by e-mail beforehand to enable fruitful
roundtable discussions. For this reason, the argument of the paper needs to
be clear enough for comments and discussions by others.

Financial assistance
On campus shared accommodation for the nights of 24-27 May 2005 will be
provided for students presenting travelling from overseas. A limited number
of travel subsidies will be available for non-Singaporean residents
travelling from within Asia. Priority for financial assistance will be given
to students from less-advantaged institutions in Asia where such funding is
not available. Lunches, refreshments and a workshop dinner will be provided
over the course of the workshop for all participants presenting papers.
Applicants seeking financial assistance should first seek funding from their
universities or from other sources, and should also indicate when submitting
their abstracts that they may be applying for a travel subsidy.

Graduate Students' Workshop Secretariat,
Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
5 Arts Link, (AS7), Level 4 Shaw Foundation Bldg.
Singapore 117570
FAX: +65-6779-1428

Email: arigrad at nus.edu.sg
Visit the website at http://www.ari.nus.edu.sg/conf2005/transgress.htm

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