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Call for Papers: Feminism, Transnationality and the Nation

Women and Environments International Magazine: Fall 2005

Globalization is often talked about as a new and overwhelming
phenomenon that threatens the power and relevance of nation-states.
More recently some feminist and postcolonial scholars have begun to
challenge two main assumptions within this dominant globalization
discourse. First they argue that globalization is not a new
phenomenon,  and that contemporary forms of globalization, including
complex  relationships of power and inequality, have roots going back
well over  five hundred years. They also contend that nation-states
and ideas  about the nation, far from becoming irrelevant, remain
central features  within the current global order, and thus must be
understood and  analyzed accordingly. Some suggest that the term
‘transnationality’,  may be more appropriate than ‘globalization’ for
allowing us to explore  the continued importance of the nation within
this era of  globalization. It may also allow us to critically analyze
both the  continuities and the fissures between contemporary and past
forms of  globalization, and to trace the lines between them. Feminist
analysis  is especially important in revealing the gendered nature of
these  processes. We are seeking submissions, including articles
(500-2000 words),  creative writing pieces, photography, cartoons and
other forms of  artwork, that grapple with questions about the nation
and nation-states  within a transnational world, and which take as a
starting point the  central role that gender, race, class, sexuality
and ability play in  the understanding of nations, and the ‘global’ or

Questions to consider: •        How are nation-states and
ideas about the nation significant today? •     How is transnationality
gendered, racialized, and classed? •    How do diaspora and migration
affect nation-state affinities? •       Do transnational connections produce
exciting opportunities for  feminist collaboration, or do they
reproduce colonial and imperial  inequalities? •        How does tourism
disrupt or reproduce national boundaries? How is  tourism gendered?
•       What role does an ever-increasingly global neoliberal economic
agenda  play in the production of national identities? What role do
women play  in challenging and/or sustaining this agenda? •     What are
the ongoing relationships between transnationalism and  imperialism?
•       How are nations (re)produced, and for whom? Possible ways to
approach the theme: •   Tourism/ecotourism •    Multiculturalism (state
driven and popular) •   Sports, leisure and recreation •        Diaspora and
home •  Human rights/women’s rights/queer rights •      Immigration and
citizenship •   Environmentalism •      Technologies (information, bio
warfare, bio engineering, Foucauldian,  etc) •  Indigenous perspectives
All submissions must be in plain, readable language and should not

exceed 2500 words. Articles should adhere with the guidelines listed
on  the WE website. Please submit abstracts by December 1st, 2004.
Final  pieces must be submitted by February 1st, 2005.

Please email abstracts  or any questions to we.mag at utoronto.ca. In the subject line
of all  correspondence please write TRANSNATIONALITY FALL 2005. For
further  information on submitting photography, art, cartoons or other
visual  works, please contact the above email address.

Contributors will receive 3 copies of the Fall 2005 issue, as well as  an 18 month
subscription. Women & Environments International Magazine is a unique
Canadian  journal which examines women's multiple relations to their
environments  - natural, built and social - from feminist
perspectives. Since 1976 it  has provided a forum for academic
research and theory, professional  practice and community experience.

For more information on Women and  Environments International
Magazine, please visit  http://www.weimag.com/. For general enquiries
                Women & Environments International Magazine, IWSGS,
New College, U. of  Toronto, 40 Willcocks St.,  Toronto, Ont. Canada
M5S 1C6, ph: (416)  978-5259; fax: (416) 946-5561; email:
we.mag at utoronto.ca;

*************************Please circulate  widely.*************************

Ann Braithwaite, Ph.D.
President/Présidente, CWSA/ACEF
Associate Professor, Coordinator
Women's Studies
University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Ave.
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 4P3
abraithwaite at upei.ca

 Ann Braithwaite, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Coordinator
Women's Studies Program
University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Ave.
Charlottetown, PE C1A 4P3
abraithwaite at upei.ca

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