[URBANTH-L]Choice and Individual Morality

susan mazur susanmazur at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 22 08:40:15 EDT 2004

While people are getting 'het' up over my perceived lack of sympathy for the 
struggling workers, I'd like to point out that my point is simply this:

Everyone has a right to make their own moral choices, and not have them made 
for them.

Cancelling the AAAs makes that moral choice for everyone.

Not cancelling the meetings means that people can choose 1) not to attend, 
2) to attend but not stay in that hotel, 3) to attend and not even cross the 
picket line, 4) to work to relocate events to other venue, and even simply, 
5) take a wait and see attitude.

It was my understanding that being liberal means accepting diversity of 
opinion, and truly reflects the spirit of anthropology.

Perhaps I was wrong.

Susan Mazur-Stommen, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Anthropologist
University of California, Riverside

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