[URBANTH-L]The invisibile picket line

Emanuela Guano antemg at langate.gsu.edu
Fri Oct 22 11:49:31 EDT 2004

I think all of us anthropologists fully support the picket. This said, I
wish the AAA could show the same amount of support for its more
vulnerable and exploited members. Obviously I am not talking about the
"comfortable anthropologists" who have career security and make a decent
living, but rather of so many lecturers and instructors who generate a
massive amount of work in return for often substandard salaries and
little or no consideration at all. Where does the AAA stand on this
issue? All I have seen over the last several years is a couple of funny
jokes on the plight of instructors published on the last page of the AAA
newsletter... Frankly speaking, I think that if the AAA meetings are
cancelled, "comfortable anthropologists" will have a much easier time
sacrificing a few hundred dollars worth of airline tickets than all the
instructors and temps who are struggling to put food on the table. Let's
face it: that's a picket line we cross every day.

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