[URBANTH-L]Setting Your Subscription to "Digest"

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Sat Oct 23 19:30:59 EDT 2004

Dear Colleagues,

With the events surrounding the annual meeting's move to Atlanta, URBANTH-L
is receiving a particularly high volume of postings.  While we think that
allowing this dialogue to continue is important, some may have difficulty
processing the high number of emails.  I'd like to point out the option of
setting your URBANTH-L subscription to "digest," which would allow you to
receive all postings as one email per day arriving in mid-afternoon.

To set your subscription to "digest," follow this link:


At the bottom of the page, type your email address into the field that reads
"unsubscribe or edit options."  You will be asked to type in your password.
If you do not know your password, click the button "email my password to
me."  Once you've entered your password you will come to a page that allows
you to set your subscription to "digest."

- AJ

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From: Devera, Noemi ndevera at nursing.arizona.edu
To: Angela Jancius
Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2004 5:34 PM
Subject: RE: [URBANTH-L] International Visas, the Question of a
"Counter-Conference," and other Queries

How about those people who had to rearrange their schedule to be off from
work to attend the conference. And cancellation fees and airline fees? I
don't think this is fair for some of us who had to go through these
inconveniences in order to get to this conference? I suggest that
cancellation fees not be deducted from our registration. Airline
tickets....I'm still not sure how to go about this. Moving the conference to
Atlanta at the last minute was not planned very carefully.

Noemi Z. de Vera, RN, MS, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor
College of Nursing
University of Arizona

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