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Attached and below are the latest offer from the San Jose CVB.

If you have not seen the arguments for or the poll on moving 
to San Jose, please visit my blog at 


October 23, 2004

To the Leader’s of the American Anthropological Association:

It is understood that your organization is leaning towards a 
decision to relocate your November 2004 conference to 
Atlanta.  We understand the decision being made to be 
primarily out of financial obligation.  It goes without 
saying that our destination is eager to host your 
conference.  As further demonstration of our commitment, we 
offer to increase our financial consideration to $450,000.00.

We feel strongly that San Jose represents the perfect 
alternative and that our commitment and financial 
contribution will encourage you to rethink your position. 

Thank you for you consideration.  Let’s work together to 
provide your attendees and organization with a hugely 
successful program in 2004.  

Daniel Fenton
President and CEO

cc:  The Honorable Mayor Ron Gonzales 


From: Tianshu Pan <tp44 at georgetown.edu>
Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2004 2:58 PM
Subject: Re: [URBANTH-L] International Visas, the Question of a =
"Counter-Conference," and other Queries

You are not the only "foreigner" affected by such a decision which, it =
seems to me, is indicative of the hypocritic nature of a well =
established institution.  I don't think i will go to Altalanta this =
time.  TS


From: Anthrotourist at cs.com
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 17:01:25 EDT
Subject: AAA Meeting

As a grad student living in San Jose, I was quite happy to see San Jose as an 
option for the meeting. I was quite shocked however how Atlanta came into the 
final decision without it even being discussed within the survey or AAA 
membership. As we all struggle with changes, I hope that AAA will refund 
registration fees of those members, such as myself, who cannot get to Atlanta. That 
would be absolutely wrong if the AAA keeps our money after it is moved across the 
country. I can really use that money back. I can name a couple of bills that 
can be paid off instead. 

Leah Rondeau
Grad Student
San Jose State University 

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