[URBANTH-L]aaaunite mailing list

bvergara at sfsu.edu bvergara at sfsu.edu
Mon Oct 25 12:27:24 EDT 2004

The volume of e-mail on the AAA conference and the lockout (whether as responses
to the situation, or as crossposts) in the past two weeks has been rather
unprecedented -- it certainly has been for the new list moderators! -- and so we
encourage everyone to join the AAAUnite mailing list, specifically set up for
that purpose, with handy instructions below:

To join the list, send an e-mail message to 
<aaaunite-subscribe at yahoogroups.com>. You will receive a 
confirmation message. Just reply to this message and your 
subscription will be complete.

This is not to say that such discussion should not continue on the SUNTA mailing
list, but the recent developments, i.e., the cooling-off period and a possible
return to SF, will
undoubtedly generate more e-mail in the next few days. The moderators will try
to keep crossposts and short responses to a minimum...

Any job announcements or call for papers would be welcome as well. =)

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