[URBANTH-L]local 2 solidarity fund, more responses

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Mon Oct 25 12:34:33 EDT 2004

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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 13:37:20 -0400
From: "Robert T. O'Brien" <robrien at temple.edu>
Subject: Local 2 Solidarity Fund

I'm working on getting a PayPal link on the AAAUnite blog, 
but people who want to directly support the locked-out 
workers at Local 2 and their families and send check to:

Local 2 Solidarity Fund
209 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, CA  94102
Attn.:  Tho Do, Secretary/Treasurer


From: clark-karen at att.net
Subject: Re: [URBANTH-L]Breaking News--AAA Annual Meeting 2004 (fwd)
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 17:59:43 +0000

But doesn't this just take us back to where we were when all hell broke lose?
that our esteemed associated president had expressed that she hoped there would
be a cooling off period during AAA so that we could have our meetings and not
cross picket lines? So how does this cooling off  period proposal change the
fact that experienced workers have been locked out of their jobs?



Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 11:06:02 -0700
From: lmilne at telusplanet.net
Subject: AAA Conference

The recent message regarding holding off with changing reservations for the AAA 
conference is amazing to say the least.  I cancelled my hotel reservation,
my flight(had cancellation insurance) and was in the process of booking a flight to 
Atlanta.  Now we are told that SF might be a go.  Having recently joined the AAA so 
that I could be a member of SUNTA I am forced to conclude that this flip-flopping 
executive  had better find their way.  As others have said before me- the AAA needs 
to reimburse all  conference delegates who are caught in this mess.  

Laurie Milne
Division of Arts
Medicine Hat College
Medicine Hat, Alberta 

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