[URBANTH-L]the cooling-off period; looking for union contracts

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Subject: New Breaking News -Tues 2pm DEADLINE

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Thought this was worth sending -- might be worth circulating if you
get it late tonight or early AM

Mayor Newsom has just done a powerful thing-- he gave the hotels
until 2 PM today (Tuesday) to agree to the cooling-off period
(apparently Local 2 has agreed) or else he will a) join the picket
lines himself and b) has threatened  to withhold city services from
the hotels

It's in the excellent Modesto Bee:

If this is carried out, it seems to me AAA has its reasons to argue
breach of contract by Hilton!  In any case, it makes a powerful


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 20:17:05 -0700
From: David Levinger <levinger at earthlink.net>
Subject: AAA Annual Meeting 2004

I searched the Internet looking for the specific details about the 
labor disagreement, i.e., what the actual differences between the 
existing and proposed or desired contracts are and could not find 
that.  Does anyone know the exact language of the clauses in the new 
contract offer that UNITE HERE Local 2 is focusing on and how that 
differs from the preceding contract?

In union's I've belonged to, there is usually a simple spread sheet 
that compares the two contracts that is distributed to membership at 
the time of the vote.  Perhaps there is one available.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this,


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 21:45:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: lyon-callo vincent <slyoncallo at yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [URBANTH-L]Breaking News--AAA Annual Meeting 2004 (fwd)

However, from what I've been able to ascertain so far,
there is little chance that the hotels will go along
with this "cooling off period" suggested by the mayor.
 They have already rejected the idea once, continue to
lock out the workers, and have not even shown up as
requested at board of supervisors meetings.  It seems
to be wishful thinking-hoping that the controversy
will be resolved outside of the AAA and we can just go
back to business as usual.

Vin Lyon-Callo

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