[URBANTH-L]Hotels reject cooling off period

Robert T. O'Brien robrien at temple.edu
Tue Oct 26 19:35:33 EDT 2004

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>From: "Neal Kwatra" <nkwatra at unitehere.org>  
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>   The Hotels in SF have rejected the Mayor's proposal
>   of a cooling off period.
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>     Tom, FYI - I requested yesterday from Neal Kwatra
>     UNITE HERE organizer (UNITE International Union,
>     Washington DC) that UNITE HERE provide such a
>     statement which they plan to do.  As I mentioned
>     in my email just sent to you and other section
>     heads, Kwatra stated that UNITE HERE is prepared
>     to accept the cooling off period - during which
>     time their workers would be hired back.
>     I think it best that we all wait to hear what the
>     two parties UNITE and the hotel employers
>     negotiate this afternoon.  Sincerely, Paule Cruz
>     Takash, ALLA President
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