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Wed Oct 27 10:12:09 EDT 2004

The AAA executive board has set up a fund to reimburse graduate
students and foreign scholars from poorer economies who lost deposits
and airline tickets because of the change in location for the AAA
meetings. Unfortunately, this does not apply to junior and contingent
(the new, more inclusive term for adjunct) faculty. They have asked
SUNTA and all of the sections to match their contribution to the fund
from our reserves. The SUNTA Board has not yet voted to do so because we
have no idea what the scale of the contribution might be. 

Therefore, in order to help us make a responsible decision, please send
an email directly to me at rrotenbe at depaul.edu. Do not respond to the
list (i.e. urbanth-l at lists.ysu.edu should  NOT be in the address). Tell
me if you have already lost funds in excess of $100 for flight tickets
or hotel reservation in SF only. You do not have to tell me how much you
actually lost. I just need a count of how many of our graduate student
members and foreign professional members from poorer countries (i.e.
countries whose standard of living is qualitatively lower than the U.S.
Canada and Western Europe) have lost money. Foreign graduate student
members should consider themselves graduate students for this purpose.
This will permit us to estimate what the potential size of the
contribution should be. 
Please respond to this email as soon as possible. We need to vote on
this and the sooner we can do so the better. 
If you are eligible for reimbursement, forms to request funds from AAA
will be available to the AAA meetings and on the AAA website at a later
date. The forms are not available now. It is not clear at this point
whether everyone will be reimbursed fully or partially. That will depend
on the total size of the fund and the number of eligible requests.  
If you are in a position to contribute to this fund as an individual,
please feel free to do so. All contributions are gratefully accepted. A
form for doing so is attached to this email. 

Bob Rotenberg
President, SUNTA

Robert Rotenberg
Chair, Department of Anthropology
DePaul University
990 W, Fullerton Ave, Suite 2300
Chicago, IL 60614
email: rrotenbe at depaul.edu
voice: (773) 325-7460
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