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Wed Oct 27 13:51:22 EDT 2004

I wanted to add an addendum to Bob Rotenberg's posting on conference reimbursement.  I received a message from the AAA  Meetings Coordinator, Khara Minter yesterday, in which she stated that you are qualified for a registration fee reimbursement _if_ your proposed paper/panel was not accepted for the conference.  This qualification will enable some people to be reimbursed.  I've pasted Khara's letter below. - Angela Jancius

 Quoting Khara Minter <kminter at aaanet.org>: 

> Please note that AAA's policy does not automatically give refunds to 
> participants if their paper/session has been rejected.   If one's 
paper or session has been rejected it is their responsibility to contact AAA 

> or myself, Khara Minter and request a refund.  I have had hundreds of 
> refund requests from individuals whose papers or session proposals 
> were not accepted both international and here in the states. I have 
> refunded every request and continue to do so. 
> Refund requests need to be received either by email or some other form 
> of writing. For those who were not familiar with the refund process 
> for papers or sessions that were rejected, they contacted myself, or 
> AAA and we answered any questions they may have had regarding how to 
> go about requesting a refund for rejected sessions or papers.  Unlike 
> the refund process for registrations, there isn't a deadline to 
request a refund  for rejections.     
> If we do not hear from individuals whose papers or sessions were 
> rejected, we assume that they are attending the meeting despite the 
> fact that they will not be presenting or organizing a session. 
> If you have further questions or concerns regarding the refund process 

> for rejections or general meeting questions, it is best to contact 
> myself, Khara Minter, Meetings Manager. 
> Regards, 
> Khara Minter 
> Khara Lynn Minter 
> Meetings Manager 
> American Anthropological Association 
> 2200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 600 
> Arlington, VA 22201 
> Tel: (703) 528-1902, ext. 3025 
> Fax: (703) 528-3546 
> kminter at aaanet.org 

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The AAA should ask how many (pre-registered) members are not attending the meeting if indeed it moves to Atlanta. If those registration fees are not refundable, then the AAA has found itself a nice little nest egg of cash that I am sure will be used for the sake of their fees. They should at least give us the option of applying it to membership dues or something else. As a grad student, that is just wrong to keep it. Isn't there some kind of legal recourse we can take against the AAA? We as members had the clear expectation to have the meeting in SF (or close vicinity). We are not getting what we paid for. 

Leah Rondeau

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