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Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Fri Oct 29 12:17:54 EDT 2004

Here are several recent CFPs & One Announcement of interest:

1. Call for Chapters: NeoLiberation: Cultural Logics of Reconstruction
2. Call for Submissions: _Encyclopedia of American Urban History_
3. ANN: Conference Program: Paths of Urban Change: Spatial and Social
4. Call for Papers: "Understanding Nationalism: Identity, Empire, Conflict"
5. Call for Chapters: Call for Chapters: "GENOCIDES BY THE OPPRESSED

Submission Deadline: December 1

NeoLiberation: Cultural Logics of Reconstruction
Editors: Randel D. Hanson and Torin Monahan, Arizona State University

We are seeking contributions for a collected volume addressing the
ramifications of neoliberalism in contemporary societies. Interdisciplinary
and theoretical essays are encouraged, especially ones that explore the
development of neoliberal regimes within specific cultural, geographical
and/or institutional settings. We understand neoliberalism to be a cultural
formation both creatively destructive and reconstructive in the
transformation of late modern society, one that merges two trends. In one
sense, neoliberalism represents a politics based on market forces, minimal
government as it concerns 'citizen wages', consumerism and an ostensible
freedom of choice; on the other hand, neoliberalism calls for more intrusive
government, an assertive foreign policy, and greater levels of officially
sanctioned discipline in the service of social control. These two seemingly
opposite positions are less contradictory than they are complementary, and
this project invites inquiry into the social worlds emerging from their

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

* Social-spatial Segregation: fortified enclaves of gated communities,
privatized security forces, business improvement districts, sport utility
vehicles (SUVs).
* InShoring Business: Private for-profit prisons, mass incarceration,
criminalization of the poor, nuclear tourism, cultural appropriation and
* Medical Consumerism: patients as consumers, body as property, privatized
clinical trials, FDA science for business.
* Surveillance and Security Regimes: technological encroachments upon public
lives and civil liberties, policing of borderlands, national identification
and biometric systems, Homeland Security, USA PATRIOT Act.
* Post-industrial Reservations: Industrial and nuclear waste sites and
energy production facilities on tribal lands.
* Welfare Reform: Privatization and automation of welfare systems,
destructive underside of welfare-to-work programs, corporate profiteering,
and the elimination of civic accountability within social programs.
* Academic Capitalism: University and industry partnerships, accountability
and audit regimes, intellectual property restrictions on public research.

Please submit full papers (7-8,000 words) or extended proposals (preference
will be given to full papers) and a one page C.V. to:

Randel D. Hanson
Arizona State University
School of Justice & Social Inquiry
P.O. Box 870403
Tempe, AZ 85287-0403

For inquiries, email us at Randel.Hanson at asu.edu or Torin.Monahan at asu.edu

From: David Goldfield <drgoldfi at email.uncc.edu>

I am pleased to announce that Sage Publications, publisher of the
_Journal of Urban History_, has commissioned the _Encyclopedia of
American Urban History_.  I will serve as editor of the project,
assisted by an Advisory Board including Liz Cohen, Maureen Flanagan,
Tim Gilfoyle, Kenneth T. Jackson, Raymond A. Mohl, Becky Nicolaides,
Joe W. Trotter. Kathryn B. Wells serves as the Assistant Editor. The
two-volume work will contain 450 entries ranging from 500 to 2,500
words.  The work will be disseminated widely in academic and public
libraries and will serve as the basic reference tool for our field for
years to come.

Although we have secured contributors for a number of our entries, we
still have a good number that we are looking to assign as noted below.
Once you have signed up for an entry or entries (feel free to select
more than one), I will contact you concerning guidelines, contracts,
and other details concerning the project.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact David Goldfield
(drgoldfi at email.uncc.edu ) for full details of the project.

David Goldfield,
Editor, _Journal of Urban History_
Professor, Department of History
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
From: Yuri Kazepov yuri.kazepov at unimib.it

RC21-NUS conference
"PATHS OF URBAN CHANGE. Social and Spatial Perspectives"
December 9-12, 2004

SDE3, Department of Real Estate, School of Design and Environment,
National University of Singapore
4 Architecture Drive
Singapore 117566

Dear Colleagues,

It's a pleasure to inform you that the final programme of the next RC21
conference (jointly organised with the National University of
Singapore) is available online:


For any further information please don't hesitate in contacting me.


Prof. Yuri Kazepov
Institute of Sociology
Deputy Head
University of Urbino
 yuri.kazepov at uniurb.it

Call for Papers: "Understanding Nationalism: Identity, Empire, Conflict."
10th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of
Nationalities (ASN)

Please send your proposals to Dominique Arel at darel at uottawa.ca
(backup address: darel at brown.edu)
Deadline for proposals: 4 November 2004

International Affairs Building,
Columbia University, NY
Sponsored by the Harriman Institute
14-16 April 2005

100 panels on the Balkans, the Baltics, Central Europe, Russia, Ukraine,
Belarus, Moldova, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Turkey, Greece, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Kurdistan, China, and Mongolia

**INCLUDING a Special Section on Theoretical Approaches to Nationalism**
AS WELL AS thematic panels on Islamic Movements, Genocide and Ethnic
Violence, Anthropology of Identity, Citizenship and Nationality, Conflict
Resolution, Demography, and EU Expansion AND the screening and discussion of
new ** Films/Documentaries**

The ASN Convention, the most attended international and inter-disciplinary
scholarly gathering of its kind, welcomes proposals on a wide range of
topics related to national identity, nationalism, ethnic conflict,
state-building and the study of empires in Central/Eastern Europe, the
former Soviet Union, Eurasia, and adjacent areas. Disciplines represented
include political science, history, anthropology, sociology, economics,
geography, socio-linguistics, psychology, and related fields.

For the second consecutive year, the 2005 Convention will feature a new
section devoted to theoretical approaches to nationalism, from any of the
disciplines listed above. The papers in this section do not necessarily have
to be grounded in an area of the former Communist bloc usually covered by
ASN, provided that the issues examined are relevant to a truly comparative
understanding of nationalism-related issues. In this vein, we are welcoming
theory-focused and comparative proposals, rather than specific case studies
from outside Central/Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

The 2005 Convention is also inviting submissions for documentaries or
feature films made within the past year and available in VHS or DVD format.
Most videos selected for the convention will be screened during regular
panel slots and will be followed by a discussion moderated by an academic

The 2005 Convention invites proposals for INDIVIDUAL PAPERS or PANELS. A
panel includes a chair, three presentations based on written papers, and a
discussant. Proposals using an INNOVATIVE format are also particularly
encouraged. Examples of new formats include a roundtable on a new book,
where the author is being engaged by three discussants; a debate between two
panelists over a critical research or policy question, following rules of
public debating; or special presentations based on original papers where the
number of discussants is equal or greater than the number of presenters. The
2005 Convention is also welcoming offers to serve as DISCUSSANT on a panel
to be created by the program committee from individual paper proposals. The
application to be considered as discussant can be self-standing, or
accompanied by an individual paper proposal.

INDIVIDUAL PAPER PROPOSALS must include the name and
affiliation of the author, the title of the paper, a 500 word abstract and a
100 word biographical statement. PANEL PROPOSALS must include the title of
the panel; a chair, three paper-givers, and a discussant; and the name,
affiliation, email and 100 word biographical statement of each participant.
PROPOSALS USING AN INNOVATIVE FORMAT must include the title of the panel;
the names, affiliations, emails, and a 100 word biographical statements of
each participant and a discussion on the proposed format. INDIVIDUAL
PROPOSALS TO SERVE AS DISCUSSANT must include the name, affiliation, and
areas of expertise of the applicant and a 100 word biographical statement.
All proposals must be included IN THE BODY OF A SINGLE EMAIL. Attachments
will be accepted only if they repeat the content of an email
message/proposal, and if all the information is contained IN A SINGLE

An international Program Committee will be entrusted with the selection of
proposals. Applicants will be notified in December 2004 or early January
2005. Information regarding registration costs and other logistical
questions will be communicated afterwards.

The full list of panels from last year's convention, for the geographical
and thematic sections, the video screenings, and the new section on Theories
of Nationalism, can be accessed at

People are invited to join ASN by logging in to:
http://www.nationalities.org/member_Info.asp A yearly membership to ASN is
$60 ($35 for students). Members receive the journal Nationalities Papers
quarterly, a registration discount at the ASN Annual World Convention, and
other perks.

**The London-based Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism
(ASEN) is holding its 15th Annual Conference, entitled Nation and Empire, on
Wednesday and Thursday, April 20-21, 2005, at the London School of
Economics, four days after the ASN Convention concludes in New York.
European scholars are invited to consider submitting proposals to both
academic gatherings. Acceptance by the ASN Convention will not preclude an
acceptance by the ASEN conference, and vice versa. Details for the London
conference can be found at

The Convention organizing committee:
Gordon N. Bardos, Executive Director
Troy McGrath, Program Chair
David Crowe, ASN Chair of Advisory Board
Dominique Arel, ASN President
Call for Chapters: "GENOCIDES BY THE OPPRESSED: Subaltern Movements and
Retributive Genocide"
Edited by Nicholas Robins  (nrobins at duke.edu) & Adam Jones

Scholars and students of genocide are cordially invited to submit chapter
proposals for this forthcoming volume.  Full Call for Submission

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