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sorry for crossposting...conference programme now online

17-20 March 2005, Dubrovnik, Croatia

organised by the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam
University, UK
and Ivo Pillar Institute, Croatia


Tourism, Carnival and Folklore is an international academic conference
jointly organised by the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change at Sheffield
Hallam University and the Croatian Ivo Pilar Institute for Social Sciences.
It will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 17-20 March 2005. Tourism,
Carnival and Folklore is the fourth of the Journeys of Expression
conferences, which will again bring together an international audience
interested in the ethnology, geography and political economy of festivals
and festival performance, the transnational connectivity of festival spaces,
and the micro-politics of festive hospitality and exchange.

Conference themes
The themes to be discussed are inspired by the conclusions of our 2004
conference held in Innsbruck, Austria, with our partners at the Institute of
European Ethnology and Folklore, Innsbruck University. In this sense, there
will be a focus on festival tourism as a transnational social practice, the
theme of the 2004 Innsbruck conference, which we believe allows us to
rethink the role of tourists in the symbolic and economic exchange and
consumption processes of contemporary society. Integral to this we will also
focus upon the extent to which custom, tradition, legend and myth are
expressed or performed through festivals and are communicated to, and
experienced by, tourists.

Themes of the conference include:
- Festival Tourism as Transnational Connectivity, Exchange and Consumption
- Carnivores, Carnivals, Cannibals: Ontology of Tourist 'Consumption'
- Music, Feast, Firework, Orgy and Dance - Festive Transgressions and Erotic
- Micropolitics of Hospitality: Appropriations and Manipulations of Festival
- Nation / Region Building in a Transnational Society: Changing Forms,
Boundaries and Meanings of Festival Folklore
- Cultural Performance, Ethnicity and the Politics of the Aesthetic
- Festival Tourism, Folklore, Intangible Heritage and Agency
- Management Dilemmas related to Cross-Cultural Festival Audiences;
- 'Non-Festivals': Global Mobility, Uni-formisation, Re-signification of
Festival Spaces and Practices
- Urban Myths and Legends in Contemporary Festival Spaces
- Myth, Legend and Superstition in Festival Tourism
- Tales that Travel - 'Buying' and 'Selling' Narratives of Tradition

Late abstract
As it happens, some delegates may drop out and time slots will be coming
available. If you wish to present a paper in this conference, you may still
send an abstract of no more than 300 words with full address details as an
electronic file to Dr. David Picard (d.picard at shu.ac.uk).

Venue and programme
The conference will take place in the old buildings of the Dubrovnik
University, situated next to Dubrovnik's historic town centre. Coffee, tea
and lunch will be served in the courtyard of this building (if it does not
rain!). In this time of the year, temperatures are likely to be around
15-20°C (no guarantees!). The programme will further include a guided study
trip through the walled town and a conference dinner. A full preliminary
programme is included in the downloadable file below.

Conference Registration and Accommodation
To register to this conference, please download a registration form and
further details (accommodation booking form, preliminary conference
programme, how-to-get-to-Dubrovnik information) from our website
www.tourism-culture.com.  We offer an early bird registration fee at 185£ if
you register before February 20 2005. The conference registration fee does
not include accommodation. We have negotiated special accommodation rates in
hotels close to the conference venue (at around 35-45 EUR for standard
category). These preferential prices can be booked directly with the
Dubrovnik conference centre by using the hotel booking form included in the
downloadable file below.

Further information
For any further information, contact us at d.picard at shu.ac.uk.

Alternatively, you may mail to
Dr David Picard
Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change
Sheffield Hallam University
Howard Street, Owen Building
Sheffield, S1 1WB, United Kingdom.

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