[URBANTH-L]SUNTA panels and meeting at Santa Fe

Robert Rotenberg rrotenbe at depaul.edu
Mon Jan 17 10:23:02 EST 2005

The following SUNTA-sponsored panels and the SUNTA Business meeting will =
be held in conjunction with the Society for Applied Anthropology Meetings =
at Santa Fe, April 5 thru 10. Please see the SfAA website (http://www.sfaa.=
net/sfaa2005.html) for the full preliminary program and registration/hotel =
information. Please support our colleagues by planning to attend their =
sessions. The SfAA and SMA program also included tens of sessions =
involving SUNTA members, presenting papers on research of interest to us =

WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:15  (The Interlocutor Session) Translocal Links and Power =
in Place: Dialogue with Michael Peter Smith, CHAIR: ROTENBERG, Robert =
(DePaul U) PANELISTS: SMITH, Michael (U of California-Davis), LOW, Setha =
(CUNY), MATHEWS, Gordon (Chinese U of Hong Kong), ROTENBERG, Robert =
(DePaul U)

THURSDAY 12:00-1:30 SUNTA Business Meeting

THURSDAY 1:30-3:15 Abject/ivities: Exploring =93Irregular=94 Migrants=92 =
Experiences of Law and State Power CHAIR: WILLEN, Sarah (Emory U)
GEHRIG, Tina (U of California-Irvine) The Everyday Life of the Law: Afghan =
Experiences of German Asylum Laws and Policies SIULC, Nina (New York U) =
=93The law can=92t tell me where my home is=94: Dominican Deportees=82 =
Shifting Relationship to the U.S. State TORMEY, Anwen (U of Chicago) =
Beyond the Pale? Tales of Voting, Citizenship and the Limits of
the Irish Nation-State ROSENTHAL, Anat (Hebrew U-Jerusalem) Battling for =
Survival, Battling for Moral Clarity: =93Illegality=94 and Illness in =
Everyday Struggles of Undocumented HIV+ Women Migrant Workers in Tel
Aviv WILLEN, Sarah S. (Emory U) Toward a Critical Phenomenology of =
=93Illegality=94: State Power and Abject/Ivity Among Undocumented West =
Africans in Tel Aviv, Israel PARLA, Ayse (New York U) Tourists, Irregular =
Workers or Ethnic Kin?: The Post-nineties Labor Migration from Bulgaria to =
Turkey PEUTZ, Nathalie (Princeton U) LAUBENTHAL Barbara (Justus-Liebig-Univ=
ersit*t Giessen) Protest Movements by Irregular Migrants in Western Europe =
DISCUSSANT: CHAVEZ, Leo R. (U of California-Irvine)

FRIDAY 1:30-3:15 Transnational Community Service  CHAIR: ADRIAN, Bonnie (U =
of Denver) NICHOLS, Clinton (Northwestern U/Keene State College) When the =
Homeless Take the Lead: Changing Relationships Within the Shack Dwellers =
Federation of Namibia HATHAWAY, Michael (U of Michigan) Making Nature in =
Southwest China ADKINS, Julie (Southern Methodist U) Doing Well By Doing =
Good?: When 'First-World' Volunteers
Encounter the =93Two-Thirds World=94. ADRIAN, Bonnie (University of =
Denver) Giving, Getting, and Globalizing in International Service Learning =
DISCUSSANT: PIGG, Stacy Leigh (Simon Fraser U)

Bob Rotenberg

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