[URBANTH-L]Call for Contributions: Gender in an Urban World

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Gender in an Urban World  (Research in Urban Sociology, Volume Nine, 2006,

With the feminist revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, social scientists
recognized gender stratification and were directed to an analysis of gender
in their research. Women's and men's studies have increased dramatically
over the past 40 years. Urban sociology has not kept pace with other fields
in the study of gender. In fact, "urban scholars are greatly unaccustomed to
thinking about gender" (Garber and Turner, Gender in Urban Research, 1995,
p. xv).

Gender in an Urban World will examine the influence of gender in shaping
urban spaces and places. In this volume, we invite papers investigating the
ways in which the urban world is gendered, and women's and men's roles in
creating, maintaining and changing urban life.  Empirical and field studies
analyzing gender as it relates to urban activism, politics, and policy are
invited. Theoretical essays and reconceptualizations of current models,
focusing on local, metropolitan, and international urban environments are

Please forward a 1-2 page abstract of your manuscript by February 20th 2005
to the coauthor(s) listed below.  We invite submission of a completed draft
manuscript this Spring, with completed manuscripts in hand in August 2005
for publication in Spring 2006.  For further information please contact the

Judith DeSena, St. John's University     desenaj at stjohns.edu
Ray Hutchison, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay     hutchr at uwgb.edu

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